Software Architecture

HereĀ are some of the software architectures and architectural patterns I have been intensely working in various mission critical projects:


Using the right methodology to successfully complete a complex project is key. Throughout my career I have been practicing the following methodologies:


In a fast changing world with ever changing requirements DevOps is of uttermost importance. I have introduced and driven the implementation of:

Programming Languages & Frameworks

All the following languages and frameworks I have used to write and enhance mission critical applications and/or been teaching from entry to advanced and expert level:

Operating Systems & Scripting

I’m deeply familiar with Linux and Windows and am using Bash and PowerShell to automate complex tasks

Infrastructure & Platforms

I consider myself to be an expert in container technology and highly distributed application architecture. I have written several books about Docker containers, orchestration engines such as Docker Swarm and Kubernetes. I am deeply familiar with the architecture and the inner workings of Apache Kafka and the Kafka ecosystem:


To me, security can never be an afterthought and sprinkled like magic dust on top of applications running in production. Security is a base requirement for any business application. As a consequence I have been digging deep into the following areas:

Soft Skills

Current and former supervisors, coworkers and mentees have been associating the following soft skills with me:


As a part of my various roles as lead, distinguished and chief architect, as well as lead curriculum designer I have acquired the following management skills