As the lead curriculum developer at Confluent Gabriel is responsible end-to-end for all courses, trainer lead or online on demand at the company, from their inception to their release and their maintenance over time. Gabriel actively communicates with stakeholders and subject matter experts across the company to determine what learning paths or topics to cover with new courses, ILT or e-learning.
Due to the smallish size of his team and the ever growing team of internal and external trainers world-wide he’s team’s serving, Gabriel has abundant hands-on experience in every aspect of curriculum development, from content creation to managing interdisciplinary projects and teams.

Prior to Confluent Gabriel served in a similar position as Principal Curriculum Developer at Docker Inc.


Gabriel has:

  • single-handedly created multiple instructor lead training courses from scratch, for areas that included hot new industry trends, and for which very limited documentation and experience existed at that time. Courses were designed as workshops, each including a large amount of comprehensive hands-on labs for the students.
  • as an expert in highly distributed, scalable and mission critical application architecture, he has lead the design and implementation of several such mission critical projects in different sectors of the industry, namely manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry and financial services.
  • successfully trained more than a thousand professionals from all backgrounds and industries in software development, DevOps and operations, starting from beginner level to expert level.


Gabriel is passionate about sharing knowledge and fostering the individual growth of engineers, co-workers and sub-ordinates. He strongly believes in team work and as such he is doing his best to nurture a cohesive team where everyone pulls on the same side of the rope.
Gabriel has always been a curious mind that is not satisfied with superficial answers to meaningful questions. His education as a physicist helped him to develop great skills to solve even the most complex problems thrown at him, be it technical or not.
After his PhD Gabriel started his career as an independent consultant and trainer in IT. He was fortunate to be able to help many big companies to implement solution for mission critical areas. Later on as an employee for various US software and consulting companies Gabriel sharpened his skillset and took various positions as software architect, senior architect, distinguished architect and even chief software architect. Gabriel naturally evolved into these positions due to his constant push for doing better and providing solutions for even the most challenging problems.

On the soft skill side Gabriel is told by his current and former coworkers that he expresses great empathy and that he provides never ending and pro-active support for them. Gabriel is a leader yet wants to always lead by example and be a good role model.


Gabriel is happily married an lives with his wife and children in a beautiful house in Appenzell, Switzerland, with a most exceptional view. He loves spending time with his family, he is a passionate hobby chef, loves hiking in the mountains, and walking over the hills. He is avidly following the newest discoveries in astronomy and cosmology and the newest hot trends in IT. Gabriel loves to read books and articles about history, art, philosophy and neuro science, to just name a few non-technical areas of interest. He is the author of 4 books and 2 video series and numerous blog posts and articles.


Gabriel’s PhD was about measuring far infrared radiation of newborn stars. To measure in this wavelength his team flew a stratospheric balloon borne telescope at an altitude of 40 kilometer. He considers himself fortunate to lead such expeditions twice and collaborate with some most exceptional engineers. One of them later became a Formula 1 engineer, another one a pilot and yet another one is tenured professor of astrophysics. These balloon flights were always very nerve wrecking since once the balloon had launched, nothing could be done anymore to fix some unforeseen bugs or defects. Planning carefully and testing, testing, testing before launch was key for success!

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